About 1376 participants of Padjadjaran University Entering Selection (SMUP) education level of S2 and S3, followed the English ability test in the complex of Padjadjaran University Faculty of Letters, Jatinangor, Saturday (23/05). The test was conducted in two sessions, the morning session started at from 09.00 to 11:00, and afternoon sessions began at 13:00 and ended at 15:00 WIB.
” English Ability Test (TKBI) for SMUP participants is held in the Faculty of Letters Unpad because the faculty has a language center that has a competent and adequate infrastructure and facilities for conducting this kind of tests,” said Dr. Rieza Dienaputra, the Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Letters I who also served as the General Coordinator of TKBI implementation.

TKBI materials were specially designed and consisted of listening comprehension, structure and written expression, and reading comprehension, which were must done within 110 minutes. Special for listening material, the deliverance was conducted parallel from the central laboratory to the provided classes. Dr. Rieza also stated that TKBI was created in the standardized system with the same standards for all levels of postgraduate study programs.

“For the Faculty of Letters, implementation of TKBI in here is an extraordinary trust from the university. Indeed, as the same test implementer is not the first, but as the TKBI SMUP in large numbers like this is the first time,” Dr. Rieza continued.

In conducting this test, Faculty of Letters preparing 1010 seats divided in 21 rooms. Rooms were managed into two sectors which are sector B and sector C. Each sector was led by a Sector Coordinator. In each session the test was monitored by 52 supervisors with the ratio of the 20 participants monitored by 1 supervisor. Total supervisors worked were 104 people.

In the process of execution, it does not appear to have a constraint which means that, except for participants who come late and do not have the test participant card or. In efforts to anticipate this, the parties of Faculty of Literature and SMUP have prepared a services table of card printing and the spare room (emergency class) which is the Hall of Center for Japanese Studies.

In connection with this, Prof. Dr. Ponpon Idjradinata, Chairman of the SMUP Committee, expressed the appreciation on the Faculty of Letters for its response in preparing emergency class. “System emergency class should be applied also at the time of the learning ability test for providing good service to the participants,” Prof. Ponpon said.
In addition of exam room preparation, also prepared the security team, both from the internal Faculty of Letters and additional security team from the university as much as 15 people. To anticipate the problems of health, the committee also provided a health room as well as a team, and one unit of ambulance car. In the implementation of the second test session, there was SMUP participant who have blind disability interested to take a Master of Law Science course and were given special services with the help from a reader.

For participants SMUP S2 and S3, besides to follow TKBI on Saturday, they also must follow the Learning Ability Test (TKB) which would be held the next day, Sunday (24/05), starting at 08.00 at the campus of Iwa Koesoemasoemantri (center Unpad campus), 35 Dipati Ukur Street, Bandung. To prevent undesired things, such as delays, SMUP Committee suggested that the participants found an alternative way other than the Gasibu field, because it can be ascertained that in the region there would be a bottleneck due to “street market” that usually held in Sunday.

Special to TKB implemented in the next day, the Committee required the participants to bring decanted 2B pencil and eraser for the test. Participants were suggested not to come late from the specified time because it would disrupt the schedule of the TKB which the method was done in such a way following the instructions of the instructor. *
Source : Unpad


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