Editorial’s foreword:
To know more about the lecturers teaching in University of Padjadjaran (Unpad), starting from the beginning of July 2010 we present Unpad lecturers in a new column named “Knowing Unpad Lecturers”. Every Sunday, Unpad website will bring up one figure from lecturers. On this edition, we carry out a story of Hana Rizmadewi, SKp., MN. from Unpad Nursing Faculty.

If you would like to recommend Unpad lecturers to be published in this column, we’ll be waiting for the recommendation along with brief interesting information about the lecturer at our email info@unpad.ac.id and cc to webunpad@yahoo.com. No one ever thought that in a relatively young age, Hana Rizmadewi Agustina, S.Kp, MN., have been trusted to be Vice Dean for Academic in Nursing Faculty Unpad and. She is in fact also one of the youngest vice dean in Unpad. The trust she got was not without any reasons, it is because she had a strong personality, brilliant innovations, and high spirit as her main assets.
“Actually I never felt like I had many specialties, but maybe it’s because I had more chance to get it first. This position is a form of extra ordinary trust and support for me,” said the woman who was born in Bandung on 6 August 1977. Besides trusted to be vice dean since 2009, Hana also worked as the Head of Information and Technology Development Section in Nursing Faculty Unpad.

The creative proof done by the woman who took her Master of Nursing Degree in Monash University Australia was by developing a learning concept based on SCL (Student Centered Learning) with blended learning method which is a composition of face to face learning with e-learning. After appointed as the distance learning coordinator in 2008, Hana with her team launched a pilot project to implement distance learning in Unpad Nursing Faculty for Indonesian nurses working in Kuwait through extension programs.

Eventually, Unpad Nursing Faculty has graduated its first year of extension program consisting 24 students who studied for three semesters. This outcome was quite something for Hana because it was the department she led that was asked to implement the first distance learning in Unpad.

“This was a main topic in Unpad because it’s still new. But after we discussed it and the Rector also facilitated, the new method can be carried out,” explained Hana who is also working as an instructor in Unpad Center of e-learning Development.

For the mother of twin, the space given by Nursing Faculty to its lecturers made her develop many things and keep her work creatively, including the idea about teaching system which collaborated SCL concept with e-learning. According to her, the conventional teaching method is lacking in ways of digging students potentials.

“After comparing before and after implying the system, there were real differences. Students were more self-confident, they learned and express more about the aspects they learned at that time,” she said.

As an education catalyst, Hana realized that she needs to expand not only in teaching but also in research. To her, research is very important for scientific development, especially nursing sciences. Through research, lecturers can explore further more about the aspects of their science and find new things as modified founding that has existed.

“I believe that all lecturers need to have a research, once a year minimally. This is also what have been our concern in the Nursing Faculty because it is urgent,” added the vice dean who loved travelling and singing.

While asked about how she first got interested in nursing, Hana admitted that it was only a try at first because she never dreamed of becoming a nurse. Hana wanted to be a technician but her destiny said otherwise and made her way to take nursing in Unpad.

“Everything was just a coincidence. I thought nursing was still new at that time, so I tried it. Now I thank God for giving me this grace,” she said.

She has a big hope for nursing development in Indonesia. This was shown by the message she mentioned. Her dedication can inspire many people, especially her own students.

“The education quality, every one’s commitment, and the willingness to learn are what are needed for my profession to further show its existence in the future. Be independent and try to be more communicative with the environment, willing to work hard and show good character for the students who want to be success,” she ended.


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