SMUP Program S-1 is a process of selection mechanisms that do Unpad to attract prospective new students Unpad Program S-1, or the Undergraduate Program, high school graduates, which mechanism is designed and managed independently by Unpad. SMUP Program S-1 in the year 2011 is subject to change.
Now the implementation of new admissions Unpad through SMUP Program S-1 was carried out based on the data SNMPTN 2011. In other words, applicants SMUP Program S-1 should be registered as a participant SNMPTN 2011 Written Exam / Skills. Prospective participants must purchase two PIN, which is to SNMPTN and also for SMUP.

Is SMUP it?

SMUP stands for "Selection of Padjadjaran University Entrance", a selection mechanism by Unpad to attract new students, independently.

Are general criteria to be able to register SMUP?

The criteria for potential participants are expected SMUP are students who have the intelligence and good academic skills, also has a good economic capabilities.

When SMUP began to be held?

SMUP has been implemented since 2006.

What is the purpose and objectives of SMUP?

  • SMUP goal to provide opportunities to prospective students who are interested to continue his studies at Padjadjaran University, but is not accommodated in the new admissions process through a national selection.

  • This is because applicants for studies at Padjadjaran University, higher and higher, but the capacity of the national selection is very limited.

  • SMUP carried out also taking into account that Unpad have the ability to empower a variety of existing facilities to carry out teaching and learning process for students, other than those received through the national selection.

Why SMUP every year to change the mechanism?

Because every organization SMUP ends in one period, there will always be evaluated for improved implementation of the following year.

Since 2006, what has changed in terms of implementation?

  • At first SMUP program carried out separately for each level, especially the diploma, undergraduate, and graduate. Candidates buying the form with payment at the bank, and replace it with the form at the Committee table. Then return the form to potential participants in a long queue, and wait for a schedule of written examination held.

  • But since 2009, implementation of new admissions made under one flag SMUP, applied to all levels of education at Padjadjaran University (S-1, S-2, S-3, D-3, D-4, Professional, Specialist). Prospective participants to purchase a PIN at the bank BNI, BRI, BTN, BJB, to be able to perform online charging biographical data (registration) through pages smup.unpad.ac.id.

  • In 2011, the mechanism of acceptance of new students through the S-1 SMUP

Program subject to change.

What are the benefits for potential participants by SMUP mechanism which now applies?
With this online system, applicants can apply anywhere and at any time during the application deadline, but the process requires the support of adequate computer equipment.


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