Malaysia is a country sending the most students to study at Padjadjaran University (Universitas Padjadjaran) Bandung. Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry to their favorite faculty at Padjadjaran University in addition to the Faculty of Economics and Engineering.

"Malaysia is still the largest, currently about 130 in number of students," said Rector of the University of Padjadjaran in Bandung, Prof. Dr. Ganjar Kurnia, Saturday (8 / 8) in Bandung.

Most of the students that the neighbor country of origin enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. In addition, the amount of applicants to other faculties, especially in the Faculty of Agriculture, began to rise.

Ganjar states, interest in learning Malaysian students studying in Indonesia is quite high. High interest is not affected by the fixed quota granted each year.

"During this time, Padjadjaran University in cooperation with the University of Malaya, Malaysian. In addition to receiving Malaysian students studying here, was also carried out exchanges of students and learning programs for faculty," said Rector Unpad it.

In addition to students from Malaysia, a number of foreign students from other ASEAN countries also exist in the Padjadjaran University. In fact, Faculty of Agriculture, Padjadjaran University in cooperation with research with the University of Malaya in the development of herbal plants.

Padjadjaran University will host the Seminar on Indonesia-Malaysia Campus (SKIM) in November 2009 in Bandung. Related to the criticism about the acceptance of foreign students who are too much, by Ganjar Kurnia, it did not matter, moreover, she added, during this process is still running and does not violate existing rules or procedures.

"Unpad follow the rules of the Department of Education, the acceptance of foreign students we do not contradict with the rules of the National Education Ministry," said Ganjar.

This year, Padjadjaran University receives approximately 7500 new students through a national selection into public universities (SNMPTN), selection of incoming Padjadjaran University (SMUP), scholarship administration, selection of regional cooperation, and acceptance of the D3/D4 program.


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