Rector of the University of Padjadjaran (Padjadjaran University) Ganjar Kurnia suggested the need for interest and ability of search programs (PMDK) which was opened specifically prospective students from the West Java region.

"The idea of this program is based on facts instead of origin Jabar least percentage of students who enrolled at Padjadjaran University. Lose far from North Sumatra and Jakarta. In fact, Padjadjaran University itself was established in administrative areas of West Java," he said in a scholarship ceremony at Padjadjaran University, Friday (23 / 1 ) afternoon.

The program became a kind of scholarship PMDK local son. Prospective students are sent and financed by local government.

"Field studies adjusted for local development plans. Then, theses directed to a strategy of development in their respective villages. If necessary element of its development, we can work together with private companies," he said.

He acknowledges, this proposal is not the first time thrown. Similar proposals have been submitted, but received less positive attention from local governments in West Java. However, he is optimistic, the year 2009 this will increase appreciation of the local government. Unpad provide 260 seats allocated to programs.

Scholarship ceremony was attended by ranks of Padjadjaran University Rectorate, Head of Education Department Wachyudin Zarkasyi Jabar, and corporate leaders scholarship funders such as the State Savings Bank, Eka Tjipta Foundation, Medco and PT Toyota Astra. In this event, symbolically handed over 11 types of scholarships to 587 students, Padjadjaran University. One of them, scholarships worth Rp 50 million cycles per student (to finish) of the West Java provincial government.


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