Since registration opened in an online entry, the number of interested students graduate program (S2 and S3) at the University of Padjadjaran (Padjadjaran University), Bandung, this year has doubled than previous years.

This was stated by Chairman of the Selection Sign Padjadjaran University Prof. Dr. H. Popon S Idjradinata in Bandung, Saturday (23 / 5). "Applicants to the program and S3 S2 last year about 800 people, but this year until May 16, 2009 has reached 1181 people signed up S2, and 447 people for S3," said Popon.

Popon explain, the increasing number of participants SMUP for S and S-2-3 occurred after the enactment of registration with the online system. With this system, information can spread faster so they can be accessed anywhere.

"It's easier from outside Bandung enthusiasts to get information and register from its territory without the need to come all the way to Bandung," said Popon.

Talent Scouting Unpad
Meanwhile, the announcement of a new candidate selection through the first phase delayed Scouting talent. The results should be announced on Wednesday, May 20th ago, it was postponed until the date of May 27. Unpad party was forced to postpone due to selection for students interested membludaknya achievers from areas in West Java.

Previously, Padjadjaran University opened an opportunity for all sons of the region in 2008 and 2009 high school graduates in West Java for Talent Scouting program, Padjadjaran University. Condition, they are students who excel, but hindered by the economic ability to pursue higher education.

"Interested Scouting talent this year very much. The increasing number of participants was beyond our expectation. To select all the participants it will take additional time and we apologize for this delay," said Talent Scouting Coordinator, Padjadjaran University, Ace T Hidayat, MSI, MM.


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