Following a scolding Health Minister Siti Fadillah Supari, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University, Bandung Surahman Eri said, starting this year it would reduce the quota of foreign students. However, the percentage of quota that needs to be calculated carefully.

During a visit to Bandung, Monday (11 / 5), the minister warned that Indonesia still needs a lot of energy medicine. He also requested that medical schools do not receive many foreign students. "Each year the Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University receives about 300 new students. Of that amount 2.5 percent are foreign students and generally from Malaysia," said Jerry.

He said that amount has not exceeded the limits set at 10 per cent of Higher Education. "However, if it were asked to reduce it we will try. Moreover, this year we have the cooperation of medical students with scholarship acceptance of the Government of West Java province," said Jerry.

However, continued ERI, the reduction of quotas could not be immediately executed, but there should be talks with the Malaysian Government. "During this time, cooperation is based on the acceptance of new students are made each year MoU with the Malaysian Government," said Jerry.


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