A total of 45 people graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) Unpad appointed and sworn in as a dentist and 4 people as a specialist dentist in Open Session of the Senate Faculty of Dentistry, First Wave of Padjadjaran University, Academic Year 2010/2011. Apart from various regions in Indonesia, a graduate also consists of a number of international students who come from Class Introduction to English (KPBI) Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University.

"That the Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University graduates are very multicultural. Hear from the experiences of alumni, many graduates FKG work and success, both domestically and abroad. So I do not worry for you can work. Especially for foreign students, I hope you too can succeed in their respective countries, "said Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University, Prof. Eky S. Soeria Soemantri in his speech when inaugurating and took the oath of dentists and dental specialists at Graha Sanusi Hardjadinata, Jln.Dipatiukur No. 35 Bandung, Padjadjaran University Campus, Thursday (2 / 11).

Prof. Eky convey that with the inauguration and swearing-in of this, graduates officially released to the public. He warned that the release in question does not mean its graduates apart from the obligation to always be learning.

"I think this is the beginning. In the midst of society will be far more difficult and you should be responsible for ourselves, "says Prof. Eky before the graduates and invited guests consisting of parents, representatives of the Provincial Health Office of West Java, Bandung Health Office, and a Director of the hospital such as RSHS, RSGM, RSKGM and other invited guests.

Prof. Eky also asserted that as the changing status of the graduates, also increased duty and moral responsibility to embrace. According to the most important thing is that graduates must adhere to the Code of Ethics Dentistry Indonesia.

Neither representatives noted graduates, Taqia Haris Akmal. He said that the achievement of the graduates is a long and tiring journey in taking education in the Faculty of Dentistry, Padjadjaran University.

"However, we are confident of the long journey this has emerged individuals who are ready physically, mentally, hardskill, and softskill so we have the competence, capability, and a great responsibility as the title of dentists and dental specialists," said student born 1982.

He also expects its graduates to carry out the mandate well as health workers with the aim of improving community health status of Indonesia. According to this moment not the end of their studies. Instead, graduates should be able to further develop themselves independently seiiring the growing world of medicine, dentistry, especially in Indonesia.

"So, let us never stop learning. Learning to remind us where we really can not know all the answers of various questions. So keep in mind, an important lesson in life is humility, to ask, "lid Taqia.


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